Touchpoint provided an alternative sourcing strategy to deliver exact match hardware for this defence customer’s custom-built server with a very specific configuration, and also provided seamless warranty and ongoing support of all equipment.

Customer Challenge:​

In this case our Defence customer had a unique requirement for a custom-built server with a very specific configuration already determined by a previous project – any changes would have meant an extensive engineering change process, adding cost and time to the project. However, as these servers were build-to-order the lead time indication was several months longer than the project requirement.​

Touchpoint Solution:​

After careful consultation with the customer and the OEM, our solutions team determined that the primary cause for the delay was an upstream supply constraint impacting the required GPU. We then pivoted to an alternative strategy – by accessing Touchpoint’s global supply network, we were able to source the GPUs from an alternate supplier that was holding stock. This enabled the server to be delivered to our facility within a few weeks. Our engineering team then integrated the graphics cards, ran full diagnostics and delivered the servers to the customer ready to work out of the box. We also provided a warranty extension to cover all equipment inside the server.​

Key Outcomes Achieved:​

  1. Exact match technology​
  2. Speedy delivery well inside project timelines​
  3. Seamless warranty and ongoing support of all equipment