Asine is a designer and manufacturer of industrial-grade flash memory, storage products and Embedded Computing Units (ECUs). Based in Israel, Asine was established in 1999 as a spin-off of M-Systems, the firm that originally invented flash technology for data storage. Asine has a strong background in building excellent quality equipment for the Defence, Aerospace & Space, Aviation, Transportation, Security and Medical Devices industries. Asine supports all major form factors and interfaces, as well as legacy formats.

The company has a broad line-card of COTS products, supporting all eNAND technologies in almost any possible form, fit & function (FFF), with supreme industrial-grade technical advantages, particularly in domains such as: storing capacity, overall endurance, encryption, security, extreme operating temperatures, resistance to vibration, shock & radiation, power (consumption and protecting against sudden loss of), cooling (fan-less) and more. Asine’s products comply with all relevant industrial & MIL standards in the said domains, against which they have been tested with success in many projects worldwide.

Asine equipment features a number of capabilities that set it apart from standard hardware, including:

  • Extreme Capacities – up to 15TB (30TB available soon)
  • Options for all operational temperatures environments – Commercial (0° to 70°C), Industrial (-40° to 85°C) and Extreme (-50 to 105°C)
  • Conduction cooling (fan-less solutions)
  • SPOR/PLP – Sudden Power Off Recovery / Power Loss Protection
  • Support for all NAND technologies (SLC/pSLC/MLC/TLC/QLC)
  • Better endurance & no performance degradation even when disk is full – pSLC SSDs
  • AES256 and OPAL encryption
  • Crypto SSD data encoding
  • Secure Erase (SE) – all world-wide standards supported, triggered by H/W signal, guaranteed in less than 2 sec
  • High altitude models SSDs for Aerospace & Space applications, resistant to Neutron, Gamma, Ion & Proton radiations up to 700km

For enquiries and quote requests for the Asine product set, please call us on 02 8424 3500 or contact us here.

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