One of our large entertainment industry customers recently faced a unique set of problems when overhauling their multi-site communications network. Moving to a centralised cloud-based solution for their core apps, they needed to ensure good response time for users in several locations along the east coast of Australia.

All our Cisco product comes with a full 12 month warranty

All our Cisco product comes with a full 12 month warranty

Their preferred solution was a blended approach in which they installed both new Cisco systems and upgraded their older systems to get the most out of existing infrastructure.

At Touchpoint we were able to provide all of the Cisco equipment required for this project, including the following highlights:

  1. Brand new current model Cisco systems at great prices
  2. Short, medium and long-range Cisco SFPs with big discounts off RRP
  3. Refurbished Cisco components, fully tested with 1 year warranty
  4. After sales assistance with install and commissioning such as sourcing full-height brackets for half-height components to enable installation into older model servers

We’d welcome an opportunity to assist your business with any Cisco products you may need – feel free to get in touch today on +61 (0)2 8424 3500 or visit our contact page.