By now you would have heard that Cisco is raising their prices on November the 9th 2015 by 12.83%. This follows a 12% price rise back in March, meaning just 7 months ago, you were buying Cisco for 25% less!

Now we understand that a slumpedĀ AUD is a factor, but it doesn’t account for 25%.

So is 25% more, for the same thing a fair price to pay? Or is it more the case that because your network has some or even all Cisco product in it (and let’s face it, most peoples do) that you will pay because you have to?

If you think this level of price increase is OK, great. But if you would prefer to pay 25% less for your Cisco switches, routers, SFP’s and Nexus upgrades, let us know here and Touchpoint will show you how.