Customer Challenge:​

One of our customers, a Prime Contractor, required 300 Plantronics (now Poly) headsets with an exact model that was critical to their existing environment. However, the customer was unable to identify the specific product required for their system. The customer needed confidence that the exact product would sourced be reliably and efficiently in order to fulfil their requirements.​

Touchpoint Solution:​

At Touchpoint, we understand the importance of having the right technology in large-scale environments. We worked relentlessly with the Prime Contractor to identify the exact component, firmware, and configuration required for the headsets. Using our expertise and network, we sourced the necessary products through different global suppliers. Once the products were secured, we built, tested, and delivered the required quantity of as-new headsets with the exact specifications.​

Key Outcomes:​

Thanks to the expertise of our team, Touchpoint was able to fulfil the exact requirements for the customer’s critical system down to the exact details, even though no product identification was initially provided. Our ability to work through complex challenges and deliver reliable solutions enabled the customer to enhance their system and meet their obligations.


Exact Match Plantronics Headsets Secured for Prime Defence Contractor