How is your equipment such a low price compared to my current supplier?

Our equipment is sourced from our trusted network of both local and global suppliers. The price is negotiated at the point of enquiry and then purchased at the wholesale discounted rate. This means you get to buy the same equipment as from a reseller or vendor without paying a premium for reseller bonuses or an ‘in country’ price list or stocking policy. With a large glut of hardware available in the US and Europe at present, you can also take full advantage of the very strong Australian dollar, giving you a distinct purchasing advantage on both new and used equipment.

Will my existing maintenance provider support your equipment?

Yes they will. Whether you prefer a vendor or a third party to maintain your equipment, all of our equipment can be supported by the vendors but some equipment requires certification. Most of the vendors have their own certification procedure which we can organise for you. Give us a call on 02 8424 3500 and we’ll show you how easy it is.

How can I be sure of the quality of remarketed equipment?

We ask ourselves the same question. That’s why our engineering team inspect, refurbish and then fully test the hardware under load and then we warrant it 100 days from date of delivery. In addition, we also only buy stock from trusted suppliers and they only become trusted suppliers by consistently adhering to the high quality standards that we set out to them. We make sure your hardware is 100%, every single time.

What guarantee do I get?

All of our hardware is fully tested before being delivered to you and guaranteed for a minimum of 100 days. In addition, much of the equipment travels with the balance of the manufacturer’s warranty which often extends for years. If you would like to extend the guarantee either through us or through the vendor, let us know and we can discuss the options available to you.

Where do you source your equipment?

Our equipment is sourced predominantly from 2 different channels:

  1. A global dealer network with whom we have many years of successful experience. These companies (like ourselves) trade with end users, vendors, distributors and resellers to buy excess stock or decommissioned equipment.
  2. Local and international end users. We buy hardware from companies who have decommissioned equipment, or from companies who have gone into liquidation and need to realise the cash value of their IT infrastructure.
Will you trade in my old / legacy equipment?

Yes. If your Enterprise equipment has value in the market place we will trade it in against a purchase. However please remember Touchpoint only trade in Enterprise grade equipment. Send us through a list of the equipment you’re looking for and the equipment you have to sell and we’ll give you a quote. Visit our “Sell to Us” page.