The recent data breach at Optus is another reminder that no organisation is too big (or too small) to not be at risk of a security breach.

The sad truth is that the number of ‘bad actors’ worldwide continues to grow – as does their level of capability to gain access to critical networks in order to instigate a ‘ransomware’ attack or to capture sensitive data which can then be used for financial gain.

Fortunately, regardless of the size of your organisation, there is a lot of free support available. A great place to start is with a review of the ‘Essential Eight’ framework as developed by the Australian Cyber Security Centre:

  1. Application Control
  2. Patch Applications
  3. Configure Microsoft Office Macros
  4. User Application Hardening
  5. Restrict Admin Privileges
  6. Patch Operating System
  7. Multi-Factor Authentication
  8. Daily Backups

There are a number of helpful resources out there to help you understand and assess yourself against the Essential Eight and also to take action in protecting your business from cyber security incidents. Here are a few:

  1. The Australian Government Information Security Manual (ISM)
  2. The Essential Eight Explained (ACSC)
  3. The Essential Eight Maturity Model (ACSC)
  4. Strategies to Mitigate Cyber Security Incidents (ACSC)

For all types of businesses and government agencies Touchpoint can assist with assessing your organisation’s security or to implement improvement strategies.

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