Gartner has released global server sales statistics for Q2 2017 and they show, as highlighted by this CRN article, that the sale of server hardware has continued to grow.

We see this growth being attributed to a number of factors including;

  • Increasing general demand for compute power across all industries
  • The rise of the ‘Mega’ Data Centre for cloud providers and the biggest online players
  • The Hybrid Solution for big business encompassing ‘core’ compute on premise and ‘non core’ in the cloud

This latter is a sign of a world wide trend of businesses erring of the side of caution when it comes to the moving to the cloud, after many have discovered a number of pitfalls and reverted to on-premise setups. The results give confidence to numerous businesses who continue to run in house environments, many of our customers included, that they are making the right decision to split workloads (and risk) – inline with many businesses across the globe.

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