Customer Challenge:

A major insurance company approached Touchpoint requiring a high-density computing solution on a tight deadline. In today’s fast-paced business landscape, time is money. That’s why when this organisation presented this challenge to us, we knew we had to deliver.​

Touchpoint Solution:

Our team worked closely with the customer to understand their requirements and design a solution that not only met their current needs but had the capacity to grow with their business in the future.​ We recommended the HPE DL560 Server with 2TB RAM and high-spec CPUs; a powerful machine that would exceed their expectations. Once the equipment was agreed upon, we leveraged our vast network of suppliers to:

  • Negotiate improved discount levels, ensuring we beat their previous price point and;
  • Rapidly deliver the equipment, meeting the customers deadline and limiting interruption to their services​

Key Outcomes:

Thanks to Touchpoint’s powerful network and expertise, we were able to provide the customer with a powerful and efficient product that met their requirements all within the specified time frame. At Touchpoint, we pride ourselves on exceeding our customer’s expectations and delivering solutions that make a real difference.

HPE DL560 Server delivered for major insurance company