Touchpoint Engineer Refurbishing Server

Touchpoint Engineers strictly use Anti-Static Wrist Straps and work on Anti-Static Mats to protect hardware from Electrostatic Discharge.

Our customers often ask us, “Refurbished hardware is very attractively priced, but how can we be sure that it’s as good as new?”

This is exactly the right question to be asking. There are two primary outcomes which must be achieved when sourcing this type of equipment:

  1. The hardware is 100% genuine hardware from the stated manufacturer
  2. The hardware is of excellent quality and will provide good service over many years

At Touchpoint we ensure these outcomes for our customer by doing the following for all equipment that we supply:

  1. Sourcing only from a select group of trusted suppliers that we have worked with for many years. Each of these suppliers is a specialist with strong in-house technical resources.
  2. Careful shipping of the equipment into our Sydney engineering facility
  3. From a single memory chip to an entire server, each order is run through a rigorous testing procedure by our vendor-certified engineers in our purpose built, ESD protected lab environment:
    1. Installation into a test rig that emulates the customer’s environment
    2. Completion of a comprehensive set of vendor diagnostics and, where appropriate, loading of a standard Operating System
    3. Provision of detailed test logs and an ‘Engineering and Compliance’ report which is provided with each system
  4. Each item is then carefully repacked and delivered to the customer’s preferred location
  5. Once delivered a Touchpoint warranty is in place – a minimum of 100 days (longer periods are available at the customer’s request)
  6. Lastly, our equipment is eligible for immediate addition to a hardware maintenance agreement from most Vendors and Third Party support providers

Here at Touchpoint we guarantee all refurbished equipment we supply and we’d greatly welcome an opportunity to help you evaluate this option and make the most of your IT budget.

For more details get in touch with us on (0)2 8424 3500 or contact us here.