Since HPE purchased Nimble Storage last year for just over US$1 Billion dollars (which seems to be the average RRP for storage companies these days!) their Adaptive Flash offering has continued to gain ground with a very satisfied customer base. With the latest releases, the new arrays are ready to incorporate storage-class memory (SCM) and NVMe drives, and NVMe-over-Fabrics interconnects. HPE joins Dell, IBM, Kaminario, NetApp and Pure in this regard

Whilst it’s fair to say there was a price hike early in the relationship, the pricing is now settling at a much more palatable position.

However, in certain situations, Touchpoint are able to obtain a particular price break that makes this state of the art technology a very affordable and compelling option (such as the HF20 on our test bench here) when compared to the regular competitors. If you are considering an Adaptive Flash array and would like to see how Nimble Storage stacks up, we’d welcome the opportunity to organise a demo and show you the discounted pricing we can provide.

Here’s some more detail on the product:

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HPE Nimble Storage - Adaptive Flash arrays available from Touchpoint