We’re big fans of Juniper products here at Touchpoint and we’re really pleased to see their easy to use cloud management tool finally hitting the market – Juniper Sky Enterprise.

Here’s the low down from one of the creators of the product:

Juniper Sky Enterprise provides simple and easy cloud-based management to reduce costs and simplify enterprise networks deploying Juniper switching and security portfolios. IT teams just want things to work so they can focus on what matters, not deal with expensive training and talent shortages. As a cloud-based service, Juniper Sky Enterprise eases network administration and costs by eliminating software maintenance cycles and dedicated network management infrastructure. A centralised and user-friendly portal makes Juniper Sky Enterprise the solution for IT teams of all sizes and experience levels.

More info can be found here: https://www.juniper.net/us/en/products-services/network-management/sky-enterprise/

At present, Juniper are providing strong discounts on hardware for clients that also use the Sky Enterprise tool. If you want a good discount and easier management of your local and remote Juniper devices, we can help you.

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Juniper Sky Enterprise