Are you still using legacy systems? Don’t feel so bad, you’re not the only one …

We read this article in ITnews which highlights that the US government is one of many large organisations that rely on legacy infrastructure to run their most critical systems, including their nuclear weapons coordination platform.

McLaren F1 Supercars are serviced using legacy equipment

McLaren F1 Supercars are serviced using legacy Compaq laptops

We also saw that McLaren still uses technology from the early 1990’s to service the remaining F1 super cars in this article.

Many companies, both large and small, use older hardware to run certain applications, but Touchpoint is one of the only companies in Australia that can professionally help you upgrade, spare, support and maintain these systems now and into the future.

In recent months we have helped organisations like yours complete the following projects;

  • Sun T5440 – Critical system RAM upgrade
  • IBM x3650 M3 – Supply of EOL components
  • HP BL460c Gen8 – Migration project to same generation hardware
  • Cisco 6500 Supervisor Engines – Like for like upgrade in obsolescent system

Let us know if we can help you with extending the life of your critical legacy systems. Contact us today.