Customer Challenge:

Telstra is Australia’s largest telecommunications service provider. In addition to providing the communications infrastructure required by large organisations to build their networks, they also provide a range of IT services including hosting of customers’ hardware. One of Telstra’s customers are running a series of legacy Sun servers as part of their larger network. Due to their age, these servers were struggling to perform at the required level.

To assist with resolution of this performance issue Telstra reached out to Touchpoint. As a first step, we assisted Telstra to run a series of system diagnostics to understand the servers’ configurations and to determine each of the areas of potential system performance improvement. It was quickly identified that the servers would benefit from increases in both processing power and total available memory.

Touchpoint Solution:

Touchpoint provided a quote for a whole solution that included sourcing the components required for the upgrade, pre-testing these in a custom built test rig, followed by onsite engineering services to install the upgrade.

Working after hours, our engineers liaised with System Administrators based overseas to safely power down each server, install the upgrade, reboot the system, run diagnostics and then bring the server back online.


The end user was extremely happy to achieve a performance improvement of almost double with run time of the most intensive workload reduced by 50%. This greatly reduced wait time for users and also made the system available for other jobs in the remaining spare time. A very cost effective upgrade and very happy customer.


Legacy Sun Server for Telstra