Touchpoint has it on good authority that there are a series of RHEL version support changes occurring at the end of June 2024 that may impact our customers:

  1. RHEL V6 support ends completely on 30 June
  2. RHEL V7 goes End of Maintenance 30 June
  3. A migration path is available for RHEL V6 and V7 users to upgrade to either V8 or V9 – to best evaluate your upgrade readiness, we recommend the Red Hat readiness assessment tool: Assessments | Red Hat Inc
  4. If you’re not ready to move it may be possible to buy, for V6 users, a special support add on, and for V7 users, Extended Life Support (ELS) – please contact us for more information on these options
  5. Lastly, a significant ELS Add-On pricing increase is being hinted at for 1 July

So, RHEL users, it might be a good to time to review your current licensing arrangements – if only to check forecasted budget for next financial year.

If you have any questions about any of the above, or anything related to Red Hat, feel free to call us on 02 8424 3500 or contact us.