Providing you with meticulously tested hardware is an integral part of any Touchpoint solution.

Our methods are tried and tested, documented, reviewed and under continuous improvement.

Complacency is forbidden.

As technology changes, so do the ways we assure ourselves of the quality of each and every piece of equipment.

No short cuts and no quick fixes. The results speak for themselves. Your equipment: delivered in full working order, supported by any existing manufacturer’s warranty (subject to certification if required), and by our own 100 day warranty.

All hardware meets the sky high standards of our carefully developed QA checklist, developed by Touchpoint’s Technical Services team and followed by all our engineers as they inspect, test and prepare all new and used enterprise level hardware.

How do we do it? Before being carefully packaged and sent to your premises, every piece of equipment has passed through this checklist.

The Touchpoint Quality Assurance Checklist:

  1. Inspect & record cosmetic condition.
  2. Full audit recording of part & serial numbers from chassis down to internal component level.
  3. If required, clean internal components & check systems for dust.
  4. Clean external chassis.
  5. Inspect all internal components for signs of damage.
  6. Check all internal components are properly seated in slots & bays.
  7. Monitor system noise level & confirm it complies with normal operation levels.
  8. Run boot and manufacturers’ diagnostic utilities to assess system health.
  9. Where required load OS and test.
  10. Record system parts summaries & diagnostic test results.
  11. Test on-board system ports and HBAs for successful connectivity & transfer of data.
  12. Test functionality of empty memory & I/O slots.
  13. Examine firmware & software versions – updated where necessary.
  14. Add additional components, accessories & power cords where needed.
  15. Compare quote + packing slips with customer purchase order for accuracy.
  16. Pack all static sensitive parts in anti-static bags.
  17. Pack all systems & loose items with a high level of care suitable for local & international transport.
  18. Notify customer via email with the shipment tracking information.

It’s incredibly detailed, but it works. When our process is followed to the letter, it is virtually impossible to deliver faulty goods. This gives you the confidence to purchase from Touchpoint time and time again, because every single item, from key server equipment to cables and switches, are treated exactly the same way.

And if you have any specific requirements for your configuration, please let us know. We’ll incorporate them into your QA and configuration process, so you get exactly what you want.

Once the hardware has passed our QA procedures, we can arrange for an engineer to install, configure and test the equipment on-site at your data centre. We can also complete the picture by then providing an ongoing maintenance contract for the system.

Contact us now to learn more, or talk to one of our experts.