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Cisco ASR 1001-X Router

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Cisco ASR 1001-X Router

Part Number: ASR 1001-X, Refurbished

The Cisco ASR 1001-X Router is a 1-rack-unit (1RU) platform targeted towards the low to medium Enterprise and Managed Service Provider use cases. Its compact form factor has a built-in Route Processor, Embedded Services Processor (ESP) and Shared Port Adapter (SIP) Interface processor. Running Cisco IOS XE Software, the Cisco ASR 1001-X shares a common operating system, feature set, and management and troubleshooting tools with the rest of Cisco ASR 1000 family.

Key Features

  • Thoughput is upgradable from 2.5 to 5,10, and 20 Gbps
  • integrated Daughter Card: 8 x Channelized T1/ E1 Ports
  • Built-in 2 X 10 GE SFP Ports
  • Number of SFP Built-In GE Ports: 6
  • Form Factor: Compact, 1 Rack unit
  • 8-GB DRAM shared across route processor, ESP, and SIP
  • Redundant Power Supply: Yes; Dual AC or DC