After opening the doors more than 7 years ago, Touchpoint has continued to grow each year.

Naturally so has the size of our team and also the number and type of applications that we use on a daily basis to source, quote and supply hardware to our customers. These include CRM, quoting tools, stock management, logistics tracking and accounting to name a few.

After several months of weighing up options and assessing the many and various products available, we’ve now commenced implementation of a new solution that will allow Touchpoint to bring the majority of these functions into a single multi-function application.

So we’ll slow down for a little while our team learns the new system and, more importantly, unlocks the efficiency gains that this new way of working will enable.

To all of our customers – thank you for your patience at this time and we look forward to bringing you an even better customer service experience over the course of FY17.

And of course we greatly welcome any feedback about what you do and don’t like as we come up to speed.