It’s fascinating to see how some of Australia’s biggest companies were affected by Sydney’s wild weather over the weekend. According to newspaper reports, an outage at leading cloud provider Amazon Web Services resulted in service interruptions for many prominent Australian businesses including Commonwealth Bank, Westpac, ME Bank, MenuLog, Dominos, Uber, Foxtel Play and Stan.

It’s a reminder that disasters can occur for even the biggest, most reliable businesses and that a plan for disaster recovery and mitigation is crucial.

Recently a customer of ours had a similar experience during a ‘severe weather event’ which resulted in the ceiling of their server room collapsing in the downpour. The majority of the critical server and storage equipment sustained water damage and went offline.

With a requirement to immediately replace this hardware they reached out to Touchpoint. Utilising our server hardware stock on hand combined with express delivery from some of our specialist suppliers we landed new hardware on the customer’s floor in 2 days.

If your IT Hardware was affected by the recent Sydney storms or if disaster strikes in the future and you have an urgent need for Enterprise-class IT systems, be sure to contact us here at Touchpoint.