Over the years at Touchpoint we have come across a wide variety of customer challenges. In many cases we’ve been able to assist and deliver a successful outcome. Over the next few months, we will have a closer look at some of these challenges in this blog, adding to our existing list of Customer Success Stories.

Oracle Sun T5440 Server

All components tested prior to delivery

In early May 2015 we were approached by a ‘Big 4’ bank who was experiencing major CPU performance issues with a key on-line banking platform running on 6 x Sun T5440 servers. This resulted in critical system outages during peak times and had a high level of impact on the bank’s customers. To address these problems required an urgent processor upgrade to boost performance and extend the working life of these systems while they awaited a full technology refresh (still 18 months away).

Our Solutions Team was able to provide this upgrade path and map out the engineering processes. We then rapidly sourced, tested and quality assured the required components and delivered them to the site. From here, we supported the vendor’s engineering services to complete the upgrade of multiple systems over consecutive weekends.

The result was the required increase in CPU numbers and capacity and the required extension of the working life for these critical systems – creating another very satisfied customer.

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