Another Tech Tip from Touchpoint – Correctly sizing and selecting a UPS for your environment

APC UPS Devices. Power solutions, design services and more from TouchpointMany customers come to us looking for a new UPS but are often unsure of the size required. One of our favourite UPS brands is APC. Delivering solid units with consistent quality over many years, APC also provide a handy set of online tools to help with UPS sizing:

  1. Server Rooms (1-5 racks, based on devices) –
  2. Data Centres (5+ racks, based on known load) –

There are a couple of key points that you should consider when selecting a UPS for your environment:

  1. Uptime – How long do your servers and other equipment need to keep running in the event of mains power loss?
  2. Headroom – How many extra devices will you need to run off the UPS over time? (Remembering of course that each additional device reduces total uptime)

If you’d like assistance with UPS selection feel free to give us a call here at Touchpoint on +61 (0)2 8424 3500. We are a fully certified Select Partner for APC Products.

We can also assist with a full range of power solutions and design services including UPS, replacement batteries, chargers, PDUs, rectifiers, transformers and generators.