Thales have released their annual Data Threat Report for 2024. The report is based off a survey of almost 3,000 responds across 18 countries and 37 industries. It focuses on changes in security practices, new technologies, trends in the nature of threats, the impact of compliance and more.

In regards to data breaches, the report notes that human factors are of major concern, with 31% caused by human error and 17% were a result of failing to apply multi-factor authentication on privileged accounts.

When it comes to the nature of threats, ransomware attacks are increasing in regularity. 28% of respondents experiences an attack in the last 12 months which is up from 22% the previous year. While ransomware is the fastest growing type of thread, malware continues to be the most common.

Compliance is extremely important when it comes to avoiding breaches – the survey found that 31% of organisations who failed a compliance audit had a breach in the last 12 months, whilst only 3% of organisations who passed their audits experienced a breach.

To get all of the details in the full report, including how organisations are responding to the changing cyber security landscape, you can access a copy via the Thales website here.

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