Pure Storage is the innovative Enterprise storage solution for ‘All Flash’ arrays. Their rapid rise to broadscale adoption in the Australian market is underpinned by the following game changing introductions;

  • Evergreen Storage – Which includes free controller upgrades, guaranteed effective capacity, non disruptive HW and SW upgrades, 50%+ TCO saving when compared to traditional solutions
  • Flat and fair – A promise that maintenance and support rates will not go up. Ever. They may even go down! (Who does that in this industry?)
  • Simplicity is the key – From deployment, to the single pane of glass and one click advanced reporting functionality. It’s all designed to make the users life easier.
  • Pure As A Service – A revolutionary approach to ensure you only pay for the storage capacity you need and cost effectively upgrade when you need it, without disruption.
  • It just works! – Rapid and simple deployment and migration tools coupled with 99.9999% uptime including upgrades!

If you need further convincing of why Pure Storage is worth a look, they are in the top 1% of B2B companies by Net Promoter Score (NPS). You don’t get there without seriously happy customers!

Touchpoint is very proud to bring Pure Storage into our portfolio of storage providers as we believe they offer a unique and valuable alternative to the more traditional solutions.

If you would like to explore how Pure Storage might solve your storage capacity challenges, please drop us an email at solutions@touchpoint.com.au or call on 02 8424 3500¬†and we’ll come straight back to you.