AMS Group is a long time Touchpoint customer and we always welcome the opportunity to support them on complex, large scale projects in the Commercial Marine industry.

AMS was recently commissioned to design and install Ports Victoria’s new Vessel Traffic Service (VTS) system. This solution is now mostly implemented and has recently entered the final stage of Site Acceptance Testing.

This project has encountered a unique set of challenges during delivery (somebody say ‘Covid’?). Throughout the process AMS looked to Touchpoint for delivery of critical IT infrastructure within agreed timeframes to ensure AMS met all major project milestones.

We are proud to be acknowledged by AMS Group in a recent LinkedIn post announcing the launch of the system. You can read the full post here.

Another great example of how Touchpoint can be relied upon to supply essential IT hardware for Australia’s most complex projects. To partner with us call 02 8424 3500 or contact us.