ExaGrid are providers of high performance tiered backup storage appliances. ExaGrid products have a unique disk-cache Landing Zone, long-term retention repository and scale-out architecture which enables their equipment to boast a number of features, including:

  • Fastest backups resulting in the shortest backup window
  • Fastest restores
  • Instant VM recoveries in seconds to minutes
  • Fastest offsite tape copies
  • A fixed length backup window as data grows, eliminating expensive future forklift upgrades
  • Industry-leading deduplication ratios for storing long-term retention data for low-cost retention storage
  • Deduplication efficiency across the entire system with global deduplication
  • Fast, reliable, and up-to-date offsite disaster recovery using Adaptive Deduplication
  • Linear scalability — scale-out architecture
  • Low cost up front and over time as data grows
  • No forklift upgrades or product obsolescence
  • Retention Time-Lock to ensure recovery from a ransomware attack

ExaGrid equipment is trusted by many government and defense organisations as well as large corporates.

You can view a detailed product description here.

ExaGrid has also published over 300 customer success stories which are available on their website.

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ExaGrid Tiered Backup Storage