The cloud is continuing to grow in popularity and more and more large organisations are moving critical workloads into the cloud. However, recent research reveals many companies would be wise to have a closer look at the true costs before they jump.

This recent article on TechTarget has highlighted the now commonplace “boomerang” effect, where many of these organisations are discovering that running certain services in the cloud have actually ended up being less cost effective and hence have moved them back onto an on-premise, in house environment. The article explains that 62% of surveyed CIO’s have returned workloads to on-site.

Whilst there are many undisputed benefits on running some workloads in the cloud, there are certainly systems and situations where using an on-premise setup is the better option. Here at Touchpoint, we can help you decide what would be best for you. If an in house setup is your choice, we can significantly reduce the costs involved in purchasing and expanding data centre infrastructure via our unparalleled network of local and international suppliers.

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