Secure Data Destruction & E-waste Recycling

Destroy sensitive data, satisfy future audits, recycle e-waste safely

Australian IT users have an increasing need to ensure their data (and their customers’ data!) does not fall into unsafe hands. In addition, businesses need documented proof that they’ve taken appropriate steps to ensure such sensitive data has been securely destroyed.

In addition, e-waste is a growing problem globally. Here at Touchpoint we are committed to minimising the harm that is caused by incorrect disposal that allows heavy metals and other toxins to leach into the environment.

Touchpoint can facilitate careful wiping of data & full recycling of hardware in accordance with ISO14001, the global best practice standard for processing of e-waste.

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Touchpoint provides a complete, end-to-end, fully project-managed solution that includes:

Careful extraction & removal from site

Secure transport to Touchpoint’s processing facility

Auditing, asset tracking & serial number capture

Data destruction – either multi-pass data overwrite or physical shredding

Shredding & sorting of all raw materials for reuse in manufacturing (90% plus recovery rate)

A full set of reports of all work done

Auditable certificates of Secure Data Destruction & E-waste Recycling