Heavy Industry, Transport & Logistics

Touchpoint has a deep understanding of the unique challenges facing customers in the Heavy Industry, Transport & Logistics sectors.​

Often large, complex and time-critical projects can be delayed by the late arrival of a single item of critical technology. Utilising our extensive local and global hardware supply networks Touchpoint can source vital equipment and then deliver it quickly wherever it needs to go.


​Heavy Industry, Transport & Logistics sites are also unique in the extreme nature of the operating environment – heat, dust, moisture, salt, vibration and unreliable power inputs all put stress on electronic equipment and shorten working life. Worst case these can cause critical outages and unexpected work stoppages.

Touchpoint has a strong track record of delivering data centre-grade technology and personal computing systems that have been ruggedised to survive in these tough conditions.


Urgent Industrial Moxa Switch Replacement for Santos

Touchpoint was able to help Santos with an urgent requirement for Moxa ruggedised switches. Our solutions team identified a later model switch that was a suitable and readily available replacement for the original switches, which are no longer available. The equipment was delivered within 24 hours of receiving the order.
Urgent Moxa EDS-508A-SS-SC-T switches for Santos

Touchpoint Supports AMS Group on critical Ports Victoria VTS Project

AMS was recently commissioned to design and install Ports Victoria’s new Vessel Traffic Service system. This solution is now mostly implemented and has entered the final stage of Site Acceptance Testing. Throughout the process AMS looked to Touchpoint for delivery of critical IT infrastructure within agreed timeframes to ensure AMS met all major project milestones.
Urgent Moxa EDS-508A-SS-SC-T switches for Santos

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