Onsite Hardware Support

Touchpoint can assist with a range of onsite hardware support solutions. These include managing new equipment warranty from the manufacturer, and post-warranty support provided either by our team or by one of our specialist third party subcontractors operating in geographies all around the world.

Resolving onsite hardware faults quickly and effectively involves three key steps – engineering expertise to diagnose the fault, having the right spare part available and the onsite ‘hands and feet’ to install the spare.

When building a solution for onsite hardware support we encourage our customers to give careful consideration to the following key questions:

  1. How critical is the equipment, what is the impact of downtime and how much downtime is allowable?
  2. How capable our own staff of conducting problem determination & issue resolution (and therefore how much support do we need from an external provider)?

Knowing the answers to these questions enables us to propose the optimal approach and strike the right balance between coverage levels and cost. Coverage levels come in four main categories:

  1. 24 x 7
  2. 9 x 5
  3. Next Business Day
  4. Parts Only

Touchpoint can assist with all of these coverage levels and assist you to get the ‘best bang for buck’ from your available budget.

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