Our Brand Story

In 2009 we opened our doors as Touchpoint Technology.

Our name, Touchpoint, represents our belief that Truly Satisfying Customer Service outcomes are built on a foundation that every interaction is important, that first impressions count and so does each one that comes after, that communication is everything, that the little things matter as much as the big ones, and that all of these touchpoints combine to create an excellent customer experience.

From the first conversation right through to project completion and all of the check-ins in between – we aim to make each of these interactions as positive and informative as possible.

These include the response to your first enquiry, brainstorming ideas and exploring options, designing the solution and building a quote, confirming your order, double-checking the delivery address. They also including testing and quality assuring the equipment prior to delivery, providing a full set of test reports, problem-solving any issues and following up to ensure everything has arrived on time and in good order (to name a just few!).

In short, we do the heavy lifting and take care of business, enabling your team to get on with other things knowing that Touchpoint has it all in hand. In this way we deliver true value to your organisation.

In 2020 we streamlined our brand to just ‘Touchpoint’. Our new logo is symbolic of our long term stability and reliability as a supplier of IT services and solutions that enable our customers to achieve their mission.