Part no: 011.180.1002

IEC C13 to C14 Extension Cord 2m M-F

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IEC C13 to C14 Extension Cord 2m M-F

Part Number: 011.180.1002

The IEC Extension Male-Female Cables are perfect for connecting your computer to your monitor or your printer. These IEC Extension M-F Cables can be used as an extension plug and extend your standard IEC power cord, such as the power supply cord for your computer, and it can also connect from your computer base to your monitor.

The C13 connector plugs directly into a device with a C14 inlet while the C14 connector plugs into another power cord which has a C13 connector. These IEC extension power cords are commonly used in data centres for providing connections between PDU (Power Distribution Unit) and UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) devices and equipment with a C14 input.

There are a number of lengths of these cables and we stock a wide range of connector type to cater to most needs.

Male IEC C14 to Female IEC C13.
Fitted with male IEC-C14 and female IEC-C13 connectors.
A 10 Amp AC power cord used mainly to power monitors from the Computers IEC output.