Part no: DSX-5000QI-AP

Fluke DSX-5000Qi-AP CableAnalyzer – kit

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Fluke DSX-5000Qi-AP CableAnalyzer

kit includes:
(1) 1 Versiv Mainframe & Remote, (2) DSX-5000 CableAnalyzer Modules, (2) CertiFiber Quad OLTS Modules, Set of Cat 6A/Class EA Permanent Link Adapters, Set of Cat 6A/Class EA Channel Adapters, (2) Headsets, (2) Handstraps, (2) Shoulder Straps, Carry Case, USB Interface Cable, Versiv Open Source Software CD, (2) AC Chargers, (2) Universal Couplers, USB Video Inspection Probe w/ 4 Tips, (2) Quick Clean Cleaners (1.25/2.50 mm), (2) LC/LC Simplex Adapters, SC/LC EF-Compliant MM TRC Kit 50 ┬Ám, SC/LC SM TRC Kit, TRC Carry Case, WiFi adapter, Statement of Calibration and Getting Started Guides

Part Number: DSX-5000QI-AP