Part no: SGI-8600

HPE SGI 8600 System

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HPE SGI 8600 System

Part Number: SGI-8600

The HPE SGI 8600 System is a liquid cooled, tray-based, high-density clustered computer system designed from the ground up to deliver the utmost in performance, scale, and density. The basic building block of the HPE SGI 8600 System is the E-cell. The E-cell consists of two 42U high E-racks which are separated by a cooling rack. The E-cell is a sealed unit, uses closed-loop cooling technology, and does not exhaust heated air into the data center. A direct attached liquid cooled “cold sink” provides for efficient heat removal from high power devices including processors, GPUs, and switches via an auxiliary cooling distribution unit (CDU).

Key Features

• Maximum of four 10.5U compute enclosures
• Maximum of 36 quad-node compute trays (up to 288 sockets)
• Maximum of sixteen IB switch blades
• Maximum of nine power supplies per compute enclosure – 36 total 3000W power supplies
• One AC input power raceway
• Maximum of two PDUs
• Maximum 221.184TB of memory (36 trays x 4 nodes/tray x 2 sockets x 6 channels x 128GB)

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