Part no: z16 Model A01

IBM z16 Model A01 Multi Frame Server

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IBM z16 Model A01 Multi Frame Server

Part number: z16 Model A01

Bring AI and cyber resiliency to your hybrid cloud to speed insights and protect data now against future threats. Choose from single frame, multi frame or rack mount to fit your workload optimization and infrastructure needs.



  • On-chip AI acceleration
  • Quantum-safe crypto discovery
  • Simplified compliance
  • Flexible capacity
  • Modernize apps
  • Sustainability insights



  • Maximum numbers of engines: 200
  • Maximum number of drawers: 4
  • Maximum numbers of IO drawers: 12
  • Numbers of frames: 1 to 4
  • Co-locate with storage/switch: No
  • Frequency: 5.2 GHz
  • Telum chip: Yes
  • Maximum memory: 40 TB
  • Sizes: 39, 82, 125, 168 and 200


Click here to download datasheet from IBM.