Part no: JB01515-BWW

GorillaPod GripTight Action Kit (For GoPro)

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GorillaPod GripTight Action Kit (For GoPro)

Part Number: JB01515-BWW

A compact and versatile option for supporting your gear the GorillaPod 325 Flexible Mini-Tripod from Joby has legs made up of several joints that enable you to wrap it around objects and adapt it for use on uneven ground. With a load capacity of 11.5 oz it can reliably hold most compact point-and-shoot cameras and video lights. A weight of only 2.2 oz makes this tripod easy to carry while travelling allowing you to fit it in a small bag or even keep it in your pocket.

Non-slip, Mini
Leg lock
Twist Lock
124.74 g weight
Load capacity
499 grams load capacity