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Oracle Sparc Enterprise M8000 Server

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Oracle Sparc Enterprise M8000 Server

Part Number: m8000, Refurbished

The high-end Sun SPARC Enterprise M8000 server from Oracle delivers world record performance, unmatched reliability, availability, and serviceability (RAS), and extensive expansion and virtualization capabilities. With mix and match configurability of the high-performance SPARC64 VII/VII+ quad-core and SPARC64 VI dual-core processors and Oracle Solaris 10 operating system, the Sun SPARC Enterprise M8000 server is suitable for enterprise-class applications.

Key Features

  • Up to four CPU memory boards (CMU) and up to four processors per board;
    • up to 256 GB of memory max per board based on 8 GB DIMMs
    • Up to 1 TB per system
  • Up to four I/O units (IOU) with eight PCIe slots each
    • 32 PCIe slots per system
  • Max of 4 internal, 2.5 in. SAS boot disk per IOU
    • 16 Max per system
  • Direct, SAN or NAS attached to Sun StorageTek compatible tape libraries and disk arrays:
    • Sun StorageTek 3X00, 5X00, 6X00, and 9X00 families