Part no: R2E09A

HPE SN1610Q 32Gb 2‑port Fibre Channel Host Bus Adapter

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HPE SN1610Q 32Gb 2‑port Fibre Channel Host Bus Adapter

Part Number: R2E09A


The HPE SN1610Q 32Gb Fibre Channel Host Bus Adapter (HBA) provides significant I/O performance and security benefits over existing 16 Gb SAN solutions. Even if the SN1610 is introduced into a new ProLiant server, the Fibre Channel standard enables backward compatibility to 16 Gb infrastructure. Additionally, the HPE SN1610Q 32Gb Fibre Channel HBA is forward compatible to 64 Gb and future speeds. The exponential effect of newer servers and infrastructure helps accelerate databases, host more virtual machines, support emerging technologies such as NVMe, and reduce total cost of ownership. The HBA delivers better business outcomes across multiple industry verticals that rely on high-performance, data-intensive, and reliable connectivity from servers to storage.


Key Features

  • 32 Gb High Performance Bandwidth, Lower Latency, and Higher Number of I/Os
  • Database and Data-Intensive Applications Improved Performance with Fibre Channel
  • Lower Total Cost of Ownership and Investment Protection
  • Fibre Channel Remains the Most Secure Protocol for Transporting Data


Click here to download datasheet from HPE.