Part no: MX5016s

Dell PowerEdge MX5016s Storage Sled

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Dell PowerEdge MX5016s Storage Sled

Part Number: MX5016s


Consolidate compute, storage and networking in one trusted platform

Dell EMC PowerEdge MX offers a scalable and flexible architecture so you can adapt to changing requirements. Tailor your ideal storage to compute configuration ratio within the MX7000 chassis with the Dell EMC PowerEdge MX5016s SAS storage sled.

The MX5016s supports up to 16 SSDs and HDDs that can be mapped across one or more PowerEdge MX compute sleds. This granular drive-level assignment lets you address diverse workloads without wasting any space.

Ideal workloads:

  • Software defined storage like vSAN
  • Databases such as SQL and ERP
  • Dense virtualization workloads


Flexible storage that scales as you grow

The MX5016 full-height, single-width storage sled provides easy front access to swap and add drive capacity and performance options. Scale incrementally to keep your budget in check.

  • Map individual drives to two-socket MX740c and four-socket MX840c servers
  • Scale-out to 7 MX5016s sleds with up to 112 drives per MX7000 chassis (plus up to an additional 6 internal server drives and two M.2 boot devices)
  • Configure your direct-attached SAS environment with PERC and HBA storage controller options
  • Help ensure uptime with dual port 12Gb SAS, hot-pluggable drives and hot serviceable expanders


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