Extending the working life span of legacy systems is an option rarely promoted by vendors, whose business model relies on the sales of the latest machines rolling off the production line. Migrating a key application to a new hardware platform can be a long, difficult and costly process. Potential issues such as OS upgrades, long outage windows and debugging must be accommodated for.

Performance boosting RAM upgrade being prepared for delivery

Performance boosting RAM upgrade being prepared for delivery

Many customers we talk to are often unaware of how easy it is to enhance the performance of an older system. Given that performance upgrades are ‘minimally invasive’ and typically do not require other changes to the environment, this can be a very cost effective and attractive option.

We regularly assist our customers with their legacy systems by:

1. Checking their existing machines and determining how much additional CPUs and RAM can be added

2. Supplying a comprehensive service where we source the required parts, run them through our test rigs and then deliver them ready for install – with all parts covered by a warranty

3. Coordinating the Vendor or Specialist Third Party engineers to install the hardware and ensure the additional components are covered by the existing support contract

Overall we can provide a neat, project-managed solution in which Touchpoint does the ‘heavy lifting’ and enables customers to maximise the investment already made in their current hardware.

For an example on how we have assisted a customer with a legacy system in the past, check out our previous post.

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