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Pure Storage FlashBlade

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Pure Storage FlashBlade

Performant, Agile, and Simple File and Object Storage

Tackle your most challenging modern data requirements with unified fast file and object (UFFO) storage. Used by more than 25% of the Fortune 100, FlashBlade delivers cloud-like simplicity and agility with consistent high performance and control.

All-flash Performance

FlashBlade fast file and object storage goes beyond what traditional scale-out NAS can do. Get massive throughput and parallelism with consistent multidimensional performance. Simply add blades to scale capacity and performance.

Agile Scale-out Architecture

FlashBlade’s scale-out metadata architecture can handle tens of billions of files and objects with maximum performance and rich data services. Purity//FB 3 supports cloud mobility with object replication and disaster recovery with file replication.

Simplified Workload Consolidation

Experience AI-powered storage management with Pure1®. Deploying, updating, and managing FlashBlade is hassle-free thanks to automated APIs. Get high-performance native NFS, SMB, and S3 protocol support for all your modern file and object workloads.

FlashBlade Specifications

Start with 7 blades and simply add more to scale up to 150 blades
Increase capacity and performance with each blade

Up to 15 GB/s bandwidth with 15 blades in a single chassis
Up to 24M NFS IOPS from a FlashBlade system with 150 blades

Up to 16 100Gb/s Ethernet ports per FlashBlade system
2x FlashBlade External Fabric Modules (XFM) to scale up to 150 blades

4U per chassis
Up to 2,900 watts per chassis (nominal at full configuration)