Part no: 600-6509

Oracle Sun Netra T1 105 Server

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Oracle Sun Netra T1 105 Server

Part Number: 600-6509

The Netra t1 Model 100/105 computer system is a single-processor server designed primarily for use by telecommunications carriers and internet service providers

Key Features:

  • Rack-mounting enclosure with single –48VDC/–60VDC (Netra t1 Model 100) or AC (Netra t1 Model 105) power supply
  • Supports a UltraSPARCIIi 360 MHz processor with 1Mbyte cache or UltraSPARCIIi 440 MHz processor with 2 Mbyte cache
  • Accepts 64, 256 and 512 Mega-byte memory cards in single, 2 stack or 4 stack configuration (with a maximum total of 1 Giga-byte memory).
  • One short (176 mm) 33 MHz, 32 bit, 5VDC PCI card slot
  • Two 10/100 Mbps RJ-45 Ethernet ports
  • Two RJ-45 serial Ports
  • External Fast-20 (Ultra CSI) 68 pin Port

Can also support up to 2 3.5 inch Fast-20 (Ultra CSI) Disks

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