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SUN RAY 2 Virtual Display Client

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SUN RAY 2 Virtual Display Client

Part Number: 602-3200

Oracle’s Sun Ray virtual display clients provide customers with an interoperable desktop computing solution that reduces the maintenance, upgrade, and operational costs associated with most desktop environments. The Sun Ray 2 virtual display client is particularly well-suited for cost-sensitive environments such as call centers, education, healthcare, service providers, and finance..

Key Features

  • Display a Windows, Linux, or Solaris OS desktop.
  • Pick up tasks where you “left off”
  • Secure and centralize data and applications.
  • Easily back up data, make it redundant, and secure it against theft and attacks.
  • Graphics 24-bit graphics; up to 1600 x 1200 resolution @ 60 Hz
  • Peripheral interface
    • Two 1.1 Universal Serial Bus (USB) ports, powered
    • One serial port
  • Networking 10/100Base-T
  • Input devices
    • USB keyboard
    • USB mouse
    • Smart card reader
  • Audio
    • CD-quality audio in/out
    • Microphone
    • Headphone jacks
    • Stereo line level in
  • CPU
    • RMI Alchemy Au1550
  • Monitor Industry standard DVI connector supports third-party and Oracle monitors (includes a HD15 adapter), and standard VGA-compatible monitors