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Ultra Density Enterprise C19/C13 PDU Module

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Ultra Density Enterprise C19/C13 PDU Module

Part Number: 71762NX, New

The new IBM DPI Ultra Density Enterprise PDU not only enhances system and data availability, but does so in a cost-effective, modular and space-efficient package. With more powerful receptacles to meet the needs of higher current draw in servers, plus enhanced monitoring capabilities, the new Ultra Density Enterprise PDU+ models offer an advanced power management solution for IBM customers seeking efficient power distribution within a rack environment.

Key Features

  • Input current maximum: 220-240VAC, 1 Phase, 50-60 Hz, 30A / 32A /, 63A
  • Number of phases: 3 phase power delta
  • Number of C13: outlets 3
  • Number of C19: outlets: 9
  • 1 Rack Unit Height