Part no: 7870G2M

IBM BladeCenter HS22 Server

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IBM BladeCenter HS22

Part Number: 7870G2M

The IBM® BladeCenter HS22 offers great performance balanced with flexible configuration options and simple management in an efficient server designed to run a broad range of workloads exceptionally as well as addressing ease of use, performance, energy efficiency and versitality.

• A feature-rich design enables the HS22 to run a broad range of workloads,
including infrastructure, virtualization, and enterprise applications.
• An extensive choice of processors, memory, internal storage, and I/O options
allows flexible configurations.
• The BladeCenter HS22 is supported in the BladeCenter H chassis (8852), the
BladeCenter HT chassis (8740, 8750), the BladeCenter S chassis (8886), and the
BladeCenter E chassis (8677).

Easy to use:
• Two hot-swap storage bays support SAS and SATA (which includes solid-state)
drives, enabling drives to be removed easily for quick replacement.
• Optional embedded hypervisor helps enable “instant virtualization.”

Performance optimized:
• Next-generation Intel® Xeon® processors
• High memory capacity with 12 DDR3 VLP memory DIMM slots capable of running
fast memory up to 1333 MHz
• High-speed I/O on the blade that supports up to 40 GbE to each blade and up to a
total of eight ports of I/O per blade
• Support for running two DIMMs per memory channel at 1333 MHz

Power and cooling features:
• Optional low-power processor, solid-state drives, and low-power memory DIMMs
• Supports energy efficient 1.35 volt memory DIMMs
• Support for the energy-efficient BladeCenter E chassis

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