Part no: D1224 | NSN: 7025-14-595-4029

D1224 Direct Attached Storage

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Lenovo D1224 Direct Attached Storage

Part Number: D1224




  • SAS zoning support up to 6 hosts with Y cables
  • A simple, affordable, easy-to-deploy storage expansion solution.
  • Use one D1224 as a stand-alone JBOD, or daisy-chain up to 7 more per HBA. This provides access for up to 192 HDDs or SSDs using only one HBA.
  • Up to 8 D1224 enclosures are supported per SAS Chain
  • Each D1224 contains 24 hot-swap 2.5-inch bays, supporting HDDs and SSDs. This means a maximum of 192 drives/384TB supported per HBA
  • Available drives include enterprise-class 15,000rpm SAS HDDs, 10,000rpm SAS HDDs, high-capacity nearline (NL) 7,200rpm SAS HDDs, and high-performance/high-capacity SAS SSDs.
  • Each enclosure includes dual SAS I/O modules. Each module includes three 12Gb SAS ports (IN and OUT)—six total per enclosure. Using only two ports enables an enclosure to be daisy-chained to the ones before and after it. Using both SAS I/O modules enables high availability.
  • Integrates seamlessly with all Lenovo servers.
  • High availability via dual I/O modules, redundant PSUs, and hot-swap drives.
  • An effective storage solution for workloads such as data backup, data caching, video surveillance, media streaming, email hosting, server virtualization, file management, and print serving.
  • Ideal for cost-sensitive customers, space-constrained environments, current and future high-capacity needs, and server/storage virtualization. It reduces the burden on over utilized internal server storage, and offers extreme capacity for archive and cold storage solutions.
  • Shares common parts with the D1212 DAS unit.