Part no: ML6010CM

Dell PowerVault ML6010 Tape Library

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Dell PowerVault ML6010 Tape Library

Part Number: ML6010CM

The PowerVault ML6000 series uses capacity-on-demand scalability to increase usable capacity easily and nondisruptively. Users simply select an initial configuration that provides additional tape slots, preinstalled and ready to be activated by a simple software key. When all slots are activated, users can add expansion modules for more capacity. The ML6000 series is designed to automate the retrieval, storage and management of tape cartridges with exceptional modular scalability. It has a minimum native transfer rate of 120MB/s1 with LTO-4 drive and grows to a maximum of 2.16GB/s. You can also scale from 28.8TB of native backup storage capacity to 322TB using LTO-4 or SAS fibre channel drives.

Key Configurations

  • Rack Height 5 Units
    • D, (H 21.9cm x  L44.2cm x W 79.8cm)
  • 6 I/E Station slots
    • 36 Storage slots
  • Compatible drives, LTO-3 SCSI, LTO-3 FC, LTO-4 SAS, LTO-4 FC
    • Max Storage 28.8TB
    • up to 2 drives
  • Interconnect types: SCSI Native FC or SAS
  • 350W PSU
    • optional redundant power supply and line cord

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