Part no: e2900

Oracle Sun Fire E2900 Server

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Oracle Sun Fire E2900 Server

Part Number: e2900

The industry’s most popular 12-socket server is enhanced with new UltraSPARC® IV+ processors, delivering up to 5 times the performance of UltraSPARC III servers and nearly double the performance of UltraSPARC IV servers in the same footprint. The next-generation Sun Fire™ E2900 server adds no additional power or cooling requirements while delivering enterprise-class computing power and high reliability in a compact, rack-optimized frame.

Key features

  • Combine up to twelve processors
    • 1.5GHz UltraSPARC IV+ and/or 1.05GHz/1.2/1.35GHz UltraSPARC IV
  • Utilise up to three CPU/memory boards
    • Up to 96 GB per system
  • Two 146-GB Ultra3-SCSI internal disks
  • DVD-ROM internal drive
  • 2 integrated Gigabit Ethernet ports