Part no: 6055C-6GHD

Eon 6055C-6GHD HD-SDI Video Insertion Generator

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Eon 6055C-6GHD HD-SDI Video Insertion Generator

Part Number: 6055C-6GHD



  • Accepts SD, HD and 3G SDI video sources per SMPTE 259M/292M/424M
  • Auto-detects and formats insertion for 480i, 720p and 1080i/p for24,25, 30, 50 and 60 field/frame rates at their NTSC equivalents
  • Six independent video channels
  • Synchronizes time to internal GPS or applied IRIG B
  • Inserts up to 3920 characters of alphanumeric data into each video channel
  • Inserts a MISB compliant Microsecond Timestamp collected in less than 10┬Ásec of frame sync into each field/frame the SDI VANC on line 9
  • Inserts movable crosshair
  • Inserts fixed boresight crosshair
  • Insert up to two event/alarm marks into each video channel
  • Select 1 of 8 colors individually for characters, crosshair and boresight crosshair
  • GPS Synchronized IRIG B122 and IRIG B002 Generator
  • Detachable keyboard
  • Remotely controlled via Ethernet Port and RS-232C Serial Port\
  • Non-volatile Memory saves key settings and certain insertion parameters


Click here to download datasheet from Eon.