Part no: R6B05A

HPE SN6700B 64Gb 56/24 24-port 32Gb Short Wave SFP28 Integrated Fibre Channel Switch

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Part Number: R6B05A

What’s New

  • Increase scalability with a double-density (DD) Port-On-Demand (POD) Kit upgrade.  Each transceiver within the kit provides 2x the bandwidth with dual SN connections.
  • Switch offerings as well as Port-on-Demand upgrade kits bundled with 64Gb optics.
  • HPE B-series Gen7 64Gb Fibre Channel Switch technology enables organizations to realize self-learning, self-optimizing, and self-healing autonomous SAN.
  • HPE B-series Gen7 64Gb FC Switch technology combines powerful analytics and advanced automation capabilities to accelerate data access, adapt to evolving requirements, and drive 24×7 operations.