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Sun Storage J4200 Array

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Sun Storage J4200 Array

Part Number: J4200

The Sun Storage J4200 and J4400 arrays are general purpose, high-availability, and cost-effective serial attached SCSI (SAS) devices. The J4200 is a 2U, 12-disk tray and the J4400 is a 4U, 24-disk tray. Each supports SAS and Serial Advanced Technology Architecture (SATA) disk drives. The main components in each array are hotswappable, including the SAS Interface Module (SIM) boards and drives, and the dual load-sharing power supplies and fans, providing a fault-tolerant environment with no single point of failure. The J4200/J4400 arrays support 15K SAS drives and 7.2K SATA II drives. You can interconnect up to four J4200/J4400 trays, with up to 48 drives in interconnected J4200s and up to 96 drives in interconnected J4400s, all of which are designed to fit into a standard 19-inch cabinet.

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